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Our team have been CEOs, CFOs, investment bankers, investment advisors, trust specialists and portfolio managers.  We help you in navigating the complex and often treacherous financial markets.

 We have a proprietary set of industry-best investment ideas, approaches and analytics.

We are fiduciary investment  advisors meaning that we are one of the very few firms that put your needs first in everything that we do.

Whether it is your personal investment account or an employer retirement plan,  we provide you with investment advice, education and support that you need to achieve your financial objectives.


 Do your investments reflect your values?  At Winslow Drake our goal is to help you to take control of your financial planning and support you all along the way.  

Our team has the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to customize your portfolio so that

you can reach your financial goals while supporting the things that are important to you.

As a an investment firm that performs to the Fiduciary Standard of Care in everything that we do, we are one of less than 5% of practices that perform to this higher standard of conduct.   By operating as fiduciary investment advisors,we always put your interests first. 



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As a state-registered financial advisor, we work with the custodian that fits YOUR  needs.
You should only pay your investment advisors what you have agreed to.
While that seems pretty straight forward to us, most advisors are also brokers at brokerage firms and receive hidden fees, charges and payments that they legally never have to disclose to you.
 That seems wrong to us.
By charging one flat fee, we avoid the inherent conflicts of interest that most advisors profit from at your expense.


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Accounts are protected up to $500,000 per customer by SIPC  ( 

Additional insurance by Winslow Drake and your custodian.  

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